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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
September 29-30, 2018

2017 Winners

Award Team Members Report Presentation Other Resources
Best Visualization John Benhart
Joseph Boyle
Kyle Coniker
Petit Larceny Report Petit Larceny Visualization
Best Insight Anastasia Egorova
Meghana Subramaniam
Ashley Bleggi
Speed Data-ing Report Speed Data-ing Presentation Insights
Best Use of Outside Data Feilun Wu
Harish Yadav
Kirubanand Chandrasekaran
The Wanderers Report The Wanderers Presentation
Best Beginners Christian Taylor
Joseph Weingold
Bill Hansen
Harvey Data Mining Report Harvey Data Mining Presentation

What is Carolina Data Challenge?

Carolina Data Challenge is a data science oriented hackathon at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This event is co-hosted by the student organization, Carolina Analytics & Data Science, the UNC Computer Science Department, the Odum Institute, and the National Consortium for Data Science.

Participants will have the opportunitiy to hack on a dataset from either the financial, technology or non-profit sector. At the end of the event, sponsors will present awards based on presentation materials such as visualizations, predictive models, valuable insights, etc.

The event is completely free and meals are included! However, transportation is not available to the event this year, so participants must make their own travel arrangements.

Who can participate?

Any registered students with a valid school ID may participate in the event, though high school students are not allowed. We want this event to be accessible to data scientists of all skill levels! We plan on having sponsors and mentors hold workshops that will provide hands-on experience with data science concepts such as dataset cleaning, model building and visualization.

When and where?

The event will be held on September 29th - 30th, 2018. The location details are below:

Last Year's Sponsors

Capital One
Carolina Analytics and Data Science
The Institute for Advanced Analytics

National Consortium for Data Science

UNC Computer Science Department
UNC Odum Institute

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Please see our Sponsorship Guide.

Interested in supporting Carolina Data Challenge in other ways?

We are looking for organizations to support this competition through providing datasets, hosting a workshop with a mentor, and/or sponsoring a prize category which reflects the mission of the organization. If any of these options are interesting to your organization, or you are looking for more information, please contact our Co-Director, Kunal Lodaya.


To be announced!